Indian Street Food

Interview with Lalita Kumari: Award winning authentic Indian Food

Lalita’s business, Indian Street Food, offers a true authentic and traditional taste of North Indian Food. Their meals are ideal for all occasions, be it a lunchtime at your desk a great night in watching T.V. with company.  Indian Street Foods aims to serve high quality, fresh homemade food and is made and produced with the finest fresh ingredients. They can cater for both asian and western markets.

How long have you been making India food?

I was born and grew up in the Midlands and was a sensible child. I inherited my Mum’s cooking skills from a young age and used to really enjoy watching her cooking & I particularly enjoyed the aromas.

 What inspired you to start the business?

I started my business in May 2017 alongside my healthcare job. I was inspired by making snacks and dishes for my daughter who has been a big inspiration for my unique outcomes. This has now turned into a business and with the support of my loving hubby and son if I can pursue this dream. I would be lost without  them and would be where I am today. But most of all my customers feedback loyalty keeps me going.
Moto: we don’t do fast food, we do good food fast 

What is your favourite India Street food dish?

My favourite dish is aloo paratha which is a stuffed spicy chapatti with yoghurt.

Do you have a favourite spice for cooking with?

Paprika, chilli and ginger!

 Tell us about your award wins?

Ludlow food festival bronze 2017

Nominated 2019 for ludlow events calendar

Newport show for being unique and different from Indian food

 What’s next for Indian Street Food?

I have big dreams and shall expand with my business by getting a shop or moving around the world with my skills. I like to challenge myself to think bigger and out of the box!

You can visit Indian Street Food under the Buttercross at the next Ginger and Spice Festival will take place on Saturday 28th September 2019.

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