Blog feature:Chef Rachel Green

We are delighted that award winning celebrity Chef, Rachel Green, will be headlining in our live cookery theatre at this year’s Ginger and Spice Festival 2019, taking place on Saturday 28th September 2019

Rachel, who has made four TV series, regular TV and radio appearances and has also cooked for the Queen, is passionate about promoting local, seasonal food and campaigns to inspire people to move away from mass produced, convenience foods, and to get back into their kitchens.  Rachel has an enormous amount of enthusiasm which is contagious and has enabled her to act as Ambassador, Campaigner & Judge for many important food campaigns and events such as the annual British Pie Awards, Taste of Lincolnshire & ‘Yes Peas’. Rachel’s commitment to the British Food Industry has led to CLA Awards for her outstanding contribution and she’s not stopping here!

We caught up with Rachel to find out what she has been up to so far this year and what’s on the horizon.

2019 has been a busy year, can you tell us about which campaigns you are currently championing?

I am currently working as Ambassador for the Yes Peas! Campaign,  Seafish and BASC (The British Association for Shooting and Conservation)

Why is supporting local producers so important to you?

  1. You are supporting local farmers and producers
  2. You get to enjoy great quality and taste
  3. You are supporting your local economy
  4. You cut the distance your food has to travel, reducing food miles.
  5. You get good value for your money
  6. You’ll find it easier to eat seasonally
  7. You can cut down on wasted packaging
  8. You can take better control of what’s in your food and your health
  9. You can help protect your local countryside

Who or what influenced you to become a chef and British Food Ambassador

My father and my farming food heritage.

 The Ginger and Spice Festival falls at the start of autumn, traditionally harvest time. What seasonal produce might you be incorporating into your demonstrations?

 Definitely Partridge, brambles, apples nuts, cinnamon, chard and tomatoes

 The festival celebrates the town’s culinary connections to gingerbread and the spice trade routes. Do you have a favourite spice to cook with?

 I love Cardamom, it is so diverse and is perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes

 Can you tell us a little bit about your sponsor Tiptree?

I love the brand and their ethos, the Wilkin family began fruit farming in Tiptree in 1865. They have been the proud owners of a Royal Warrant since 1911 and their Little Scarlet Strawberry Conserve is delicious. I will be showcasing a few Tiptree favourites in my cookery demonstration, including ginger, rhubarb and chilli mustard.

 What’s up coming for Chef Rachel Green?

Supporting my food campaigns, more cookery demonstrations and food festivals. I have been on the Christmas countdown since March, with turkey photo shoots and recipe development. A visit to France in the next few weeks. Interviews and the occasional radio slot to prepare the listeners for Stir Up Sunday. I am also planning a new cookery book this time next year; there’s never a dull moment!

Desert Island: Which spice, cook book and cooking utensil would you take with you?

 My Grandmas Mrs Beeton’s book, Turmeric, you can cook with it, but it also has huge healing properties, also my rabbit knife, a great tool for a variety of tasks.

Ginger and Spice Festival 2019

You can see Chef Rachel Green demonstrating in the Live Cookery Theatre – supported by Tiptree Jam – at this year’s Ginger and Spice Festival on Saturday 28th September 2019. You can also find out more about Chef Rachel and her cookery books via her website:

For timings and all information about the Ginger and Spice Festival including the events, please visit the what’s on section of the website: