Blog feature: Chef, Chris Burt

We are delighted that Shropshire based Chef, Chris Burt, will be starring in our live cookery theatre at this year’s Ginger and Spice Festival 2019 – taking place on Saturday 28th September 2019

We caught up with Chris to find out what he has been up to so far this year and what’s on the horizon.

2019 has been a busy year, can you tell us about which campaigns you are currently championing?

Well 2019 has been a busy one, from spending nearly a month in Africa for charitable causes, research for my new book STRAIGHT OUTTA AFRICA, insight into west African cuisine & the 1970’s diamond & slave trade and to the awakening of my spicy senses!

As well as this, my focus has been on the other festivals I’m involved with, most notably Shropshire Festivals with lots of gems such as Harper Adams ‘Field to Fork’ event running seminars on the truth about food, to Shrewsbury Food Festival which is now on its 7th year and where I curate all catering events – a truly unique and wonderful experience.

Recently I have really focused on Game both in the restaurant & out of it, notably doing both Game Fairs this year, and giving each and every demo a personalised twist.

Pastry has always been a draw for me, so 2019 has seen me really push in that area, now fully embracing that much avoided area of the kitchen for most chefs. I feel we can grow

Why is supporting local producers so important to you?

Working with one of the backbones of our community, ie. producers & artisans, only enhances what we do in so many ways; from getting a local, seasonal product at the height of its perfection, to delivering maximum quality on the plate and building relationships with a vibrant passionate community.

Who or what influenced you to become a chef and British Food Ambassador

My mum, and every other one of the amazingly strong women in my life. They are the life blood.

 The Ginger and Spice Festival falls at the start of autumn, traditionally harvest time. What seasonal produce might you be incorporating into your demonstrations?

Local Game, Autumnal Vegetables & some flavour bombs.

 The festival celebrates the town’s culinary connections to gingerbread and the spice trade routes. Do you have a favourite spice to cook with?

Ginger, pepper, cumin, cardamom and lime leaf

Can you tell us a little bit about your private pop-up company River Town?

 At River Town, we fulfill many rolls, from corporate, bespoke private functions to demonstrations around the country. Our primary focus with all things RT is Local, Seasonal & Fantastic Produce.

What ever the customers needs we can facilitate, that’s just what we do.

What’s on the horizon  for Chef Chris Burt?

A new book, new skills, new trips to different continents, more NPD work, and time with my ever growing Son.

Desert Island: Which spice, cook book and cooking utensil would you take with you?

Pepper, la repertoire de cuisine by Auguste Esscoffier, Netherton Foundry fry Pans & a Joel Black Knife.

Ginger and Spice Festival 2019

You can see Chef Chris Burt demonstrating in the Live Cookery Theatre from 11am at this year’s Ginger and Spice Festival on Saturday 28th September 2019. You can also find out more about Chef Chris Burt by visiting

For timings and all information about the Ginger and Spice Festival including the events, please visit the what’s on section of the website: