For many years when taken in small doses, nutmeg was thought to be an aphrodisiac.

In the spirit of Valentine’s and in celebration of our spice of the month which is ‘Nutmeg’, we are running a free prize draw for one lucky winner to be the recipient of a Nutmeg Grinder!

Win, Win, Win!

The spice, nutmeg, is considered by some chefs to be one of the most versatile spices and is great for baking, adding to rubs and drinks!

The nutmeg grinder will speed  up the process for those who are leading busy lives making it ideal for quick, clean and easy nutmeg grinding.

You can win a Nutmeg Spice Grinder by taking part in our free prize draw contest by answering this question: ‘Where in the world was nutmeg originally found?’

This competition is now closed.

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