We are delighted to announce the results of this year’s contests which took place during the 2020 virtual Ginger & Spice Festival!

A HUGE thank you to all of you who took part and also our amazing sponsors who supported both the Judging and the Prizes for the winners.

Heritage Town Trail

Thank you for adapting to our new look virtual trail this year. We hope that you found it interesting and learnt a little along the way!

Thank you to Harrier and all the local organisations/businesses who kindly sponsored this contest by offering a prize for the hamper of local goodies!






















The winner of the 2020 Virtual Heritage Town Trail is Alvina Williams from Loggerheads.

Congratulations to Alvina for getting all the 20 questions correct in our heritage trail. To see the answers, click here.

Contest winner, Alvina Williams, said: “I have enjoyed taking part in the town trail for the last 4 years and it is amazing how much I have learned about Market Drayton by doing so. It was a little different this year as it was a virtual tour, but it still managed to keep the spirit of the Ginger and Spice Festival alive.”

Those who donated prizes

With ENORMOUS thanks to the following organisations and businesses

The Fields Kitchen; The Salon Upstairs; The Retail Emporium; The Drayton Deli; Sherwood Wholefoods; Adelaide’s Chocolaterie; Jones’s Coffee Shop; St Mary’s Church; So Pretty Patisserie, Leek United Building Society and the Market Drayton Museum.

Best Gingerbread Contest

Thanks to everyone who submitted such creative and inspiring designs this year. The Judges were delighted with efforts you had all gone to.

Thank you to James Du Pavey for being the main sponsor of this contest. Thanks also to him for sponsoring the prize in the adult category of £200 to spend in Market Drayton at independent high street businesses.

Thanks also to Original Biscuit Bakers for sponsoring the prize for the children’s category of a hamper of gingerbread.

We are extremely grateful to our three judges Sarah Hopcroft of Original Biscuit Bakers, James Du Pavey and Jana Jacobson.

Headline sponsor James Du Pavey said: “It has been an absolute delight to support what has become a key event for Market Drayton. It is wonderful what has been achieved this year especially given the challenges of COVID-19. The team have done so much over digital media to bring the festival community together.’’

Judge, Jana Jacobson, said: ‘’The biscuits were a pleasure to look at – and I’m sure, to eat too.’’

Best Decorated Gingerbread Biscuit

Category: Children

Winner: Neave Rowley with ‘Gilly Gingerbread’

Neave Rowley said: “I am very happy that I won, it was great fun decorating Gilly gingerbread and I am looking forward to my prize.”

Sarah Hopcroft said: ‘Neave’s biscuit was excellent, imaginative with great use of decorations – a biscuit you would purchase.’’

Sponsors of Shropshire Festival

Best Gingerbread House

Category: Adult

Winner: Daniel Brook with ‘Spicy’

Daniel Brook said:  “I had a lot of fun entering the competition and I am really excited to have won! What a wonderful virtual event, a big thank you to the generous sponsors and organiser for the prize – looking forward to buying some spicy goods.”

Best Ginger Cat or Dog

We were delighted to see your gorgeous ginger felines and canines again this year. It was not easy to pick winners amongst so many cute entries!

Thank you to Quintessential Quarters for both Judging and offering prizes for this contest and also thanks to the Life of Riley Pet Bakery and Boutique for offering  delicious dog treats from their pup bakery as a prize!

Jacqui  Smith of Quintessential Quarters said: ”I was delighted to be invited to sponsor the Ginger Dog & Cat Competition in the Ginger & Spice Festival again this year. Thank you to every one who sent in their gorgeous photos. We had a bumper entry of cats & It was so hard to choose! I have to say I loved the big ginger ears and cheeky face of this kitten Pintxo who is said to bark like a dog. My canine choice was Robyn Harrison’s Ginger Cavapoo, Joey, because he looks like a real spicy character in the photo, and I loved his ginger curls. Thank you to everyone for sharing your fabulous ginger fur babies with us. ”

Best Ginger Cat

Cat name: Pintxo

Owner : Sarai Gil Martin

Winner of Best Ginger Cat: Pintxo owned by Sarai Gil Martin

Pintxo, the cat, said: “I’m over the moon for having won the contest, thanks so much for the lovely prize. Taking care of my hoomans is not an easy task – specially the little hoomans, they are more than a pawful. I’ve been craving a bit of peace and rest lately so I’m looking forward to enjoy my prize of a 4 days countryside retreat at the Quintessential Quarters Luxury Cattery where I’ll be pampered and will have the little break I deserve.”

Best Ginger Dog

Dog Name: Joey

Owner:  Robyn Harrison

Robyn Harrison said: ‘‘Thank you so much for choosing Joey. We came very close to losing him earlier in the year when he was seriously ill so this win is a real bonus.’’