1. Ginger and Spice Festival, Spice Exchange Street Market is being managed by Ginger and Spice Festival Community Trust and will begin at 9.30am and end at 4.30pm on Saturday 30th September 2023.
  2. The event will take place in Market Drayton on Cheshire Street http://bit.ly/2pZx6pn
  3. The location of pitches will be allocated prior to arrival. On the day instructions will be sent a week before the event
  4. Stall holders may arrive from 6.30am
  5. All stalls must be set up by 9.00am
  6. Stall holders must follow the event stewards’ instructions whilst unloading their goods/produce and equipment and then park their vehicle in a nearby car park (a map will be provided to show car parks). There may be a day rate charge for parking from Shropshire council
  7. Each stall holder must hold and provide evidence of at least £5,000,000 valid public (and product) liability insurance (covering participation in this event).  This insurance must cover all staff and/or volunteers working on your stall at the event, or you may need employee insurance if you have people working for you (volunteers included).
  8. All stallholders must conduct and submit a risk assessment for their stall
  9. Charities must provide proof of charitable status and their charity number.
  10. If stall holders such as charities are bringing their own gazebo or equipment, gazebos MUST be weighted to prevent movement in high winds (there will not be water available so please bring your own or bring alternative metal weights). They must also be fire retardant with a relevant certification. All gazebos will be inspected by the event organiser (or their representative) and if considered to be not adequate, will be removed. Stalls are not to be left unattended and should always be staffed, with no closing early allowed
  11. All stalls must fit completely within their allocated area and cause no obstructions to surrounding pitches, emergency access and pathways
  12. If there is anything on a stall which may potentially cause harm to others e.g., a source of heat, sharp objects, machinery etc, then appropriate precautions must be taken and outlined in the risk assessment
  13. Stall holders MUST keep their stalls and surrounding areas clean and tidy and must sort, bag and tie their rubbish at the end of the day and take it away with them
  14. Vehicles will be allowed back onto the street from 5.00pm once the stewards have agreed it is safe to do so
  15. Stall holders must pack away all belongings and take all belongings with them. Nothing must be stored or left behind
  16. If stall holders have requested an electrical socket, they must bring with them a recently PAT tested extension lead (at least 12ft in length) as the source may be a distance from the pitch. All equipment must be PAT certified and proof of certificate must be sent to the organisers on application
  17. Fire safety provision must be provided on stalls if electricity, gas or a generator is being used, along with a valid Fire Risk Assessment
  18. The Ginger and Spice Festival Heritage Trust, the Ginger and Spice Festival, the Spice Larder, or anyone else associated with the event shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to merchandise or personal property, or injury to any person caused by the day’s activities, the weather, or another reason or cause. Money and valuables should be kept out of sight and secured. We strongly advise all stallholders to have their own insurance to cover personal loss or accidents
  19. Stall holders whose trade, profession or practice is regulated in any way (licensed, certified or otherwise regulated), must provide evidence of compliance with such regulations
  20. Stall holders must provide evidence of health and hygiene certificates and a minimum level 2 food handling certificate where applicable
  21. All bookings must be paid on application via the online booking process. Failure to pay when making an application will result in the loss of your pitch
  22. There will be no refund of fees in case of bad weather or for any other reason
  23. There will be no refund of pitch fees for cancellation of bookings unless the event is unable to take place due to updated covid-19 government guidance.
  24. There will be no refund of pitch fees for any trader who does not attend on the day of the festival
  25. Organisers of the event will not be held responsible if the event is cancelled before or on the day for any reason
  26. All stalls will be inspected by the event organiser (or their representative) and if considered to not be complying with health and safety standards, they will not be allowed to open and there will be no refund
  27. Each trader is responsible for operating their business safely & in line with the law. Food and drink traders MUST be registered with their authority /local borough council and FSA, or equivalent, & adhere to their specific requirements. Sampling activities must be included in your risk assessment.
  28. Traders who are catering must have hand washing facilities with them and bring their own water.