Festival Poet in Residence announced

Glorious is Ginger

Goodness wrapped up in fragrance, gladness dancing in compounds,

Inside of which remedies bubble and boil, mingle and tingle.

Numberless to name are its potent effects, around the world zinging with zest.

Gingerol, gari, halia, luya, khing, zanjabil.

Effervescent when fresh, delicious when dried, joyous when juiced, pungent when pulverised.

Restorer, relaxant, replenisher, rhizome, rooted, regal, glorious is ginger!

We are delighted to welcome Alexis Dimyan as our Poet in Residence for 2018.

Alexis is a bon viveur, traveller and thinker. Besides writing the odd poem or two, he is particularly partial to tea with a little spice. Having grown up in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, the Brecon Beacons, the natural world is a constant source of nourishment and inspiration.

His most recent country that he has visited is Oman which he can heartily recommend on account of its exquisite hospitality, cardamom, coffee and dates.

We will be sharing the spice infused poetry with you over the next few weeks and months, in the lead up to the Ginger and Spice Festival. 

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