Answers to Heritage Trail 2021


1. Leek United Building Society describe themselves as ‘The friendly face of ………’

Answer: Finance

2. What type of business is the Salon Upstairs?

Answer: Hair Salon

3. On which street are HMS Jewellery located?

Answer: Stafford Street

4. At Jones’s Coffee House you can buy wine. From which local vineyard is it produced and made?

Answer: Colehurst Vineyard

5 a. Which type of beef can you buy at the Fields Kitchen (breed of animal)  5 b. Which famous local biscuit was first made in this building?

Answer: Aberdeen Angus & Billington’s Gingerbread

6. Who first brewed Joule’s Ale and in which century?

Answer: Augustinian monks in the 16th Century

7. a)Who famously sat on the gargoyles on the spire of St Mary’s Church? The Town Crier/ Oswald Mosley/Clive of India.

Answer: Clive of India

7. b) In the video, Reverend Catherine McBride talks about the three gifts given to the baby Jesus by the wisemen. Where did she say that Frankincense was mixed with incense to be used in Jerusalem, was it 1) In the King’s Palace, 2) In the Temple, or 3) in the Market Place?”

Answer: The Temple

8. a) Who founded the Market Drayton Museum and in which year? b) In which year and where was Clive of India buried?

Answer: Clive and Carol Champamn 2006 & 1774, St Margaret’s Church, Moreton Say

9. In which year was Festival Drayton Centre founded?

Answer: 1984

10. What is located on the top of the Market Drayton Town Hall?

Answer: A weathervane

11. Which two local ingredients are put inside the famous Market Drayton Truffle made at Adelaide’s Chocolaterie?

Answers: Damsons and Gingerbread

12. Sherwood Wholefoods specialises in what type of foods?

Answer: Health foods

13.On which street is The Refill Emporium located?

Answer: Cheshire Street

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14. a) What is Style Optique? b) What was the building famously used for in the past?

Answer: Stylists and Opticians, Originally Cheshire Cheese Inn & Billington’s Cafe

15.a. What is the name of the Stone Portico Building & what was the building originally used for? 15 b. There is twice weekly Market on this street. In which year was the charter granted for its licence and by whom?

Answer: The Buttercross & 1245, Henry III

16. This pub is famously called The Crown, but why?

Answer: Charles 1st reputed to have stayed here during the Civil War

17. Which of the following Ales/ Beers are brewed by Joule’s? Slumbering Monk/Green Monkey/Old Friar/Kolkata/ Tall, Dark and Damson

Answer: All apart from Old Friar

18 a. The Clive & Coffyne Pub in Shropshire Street is named after the town’s association with Pezenas in France. What does Coffyne mean? 18. b. What is the relevance of the Coffyne to Market Drayton?

Answer: Medieval name for pie and Les Petits de Pezenas were little pies enjoyed by Clive of India in France. His cook shared the recipe to a baker in Pezenas. Read more here.

19. This tearoom is described as being what? 1) little 2) small 3) tiny?

Answer: Little

20. For how many years has the Drayton Deli been operating? 1) 20 years 2) 15 years 3) 10 years?

Answer: 20 years