Seaweed Seasoning Gift Christmas Box


Seaspoon Seaweed Seasoning, Christmas Box

Great Taste 1-star, Taste of the West GOLD and Women’s Health Food Awards finalist 2020

Seaspoon’s award winning seasoning, in an elegant gift box with Christmas ribbon, is a healthy gift for a food lover, healthy eater. Created as an alternative to the salt pot, Seaweed Seasoning has a robust flavour, and naturally saltiness. Putting this in numbers, Seaspoon’s Seaweed Seasoning contains just 6.5g/100g salt.

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Seaweed Seasoning Gift Box

Seaspoon’s award winning seasoning, in an elegant gift box with festive ribbon, is an unusual gift for a food lover or healthy eater. The natural saltiness of seaweed makes it a great choice instead of salt. It is also gluten and dairy free.

How to use your seasoning:

The recipient of this elegant Seaweed Seasoning gift will be able to sprinkle it onto, or into, pretty much anything – think  mashed avocado, salads, rubs, marinades, dressings, fish, sweet potato fries and mashes! You could also try some of Seaspoon’s tasty recipes:

Awards for Seaweed Seasoning:

  • Great Taste 1-star
  • Taste of the West GOLD
  • Women’s Health Food Awards finalist 2020

Christmas Box contents:

  • 1 x Seaweed Seasoning shaker jar, 25g
  • 1 x Seaweed Seasoning refill pouch, 25g


  • Dulse
  • Sea spaghetti
  • Sea lettuce
  • Tomato, onion, garlic, pepper and salt

Seaspoon harvest seaweed on the south coast of Devon and also work with a European organic cultivator.


Given it’s (seaweeds) natural origin may contain fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

About Seaspoon Seaweed:

As a team of foodies, health enthusiasts and keen cooks we wanted to incorporate the extraordinary benefits of seaweed into our diets but struggled to see how. As a result, we embarked on a journey of discovery, fascination and development to harness the vibrancy of this magnificent “Wonderfood” in easy to use ways.

Our complex, balanced and nutritious blends are designed to be quick and easy to charge up your smoothies, add amazing flavours and to stimulate your taste buds whilst adding natural goodness.

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Seaspoon Seaweed

Seaweed - a Wonderfood from the deep Seaweed is one of the most nutritious and sustainable plants on the planet - yet rarely appears in our cooking. We have sought to rectify this by pooling knowledge to create a series of seaweed blends that are tasty, easy to use and nutritional! Our seaweed Seasonings can be sprinkled in smoothies , added to soups ,salads , dressings , mayonnaise or added to make seaweed butter !

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