Description of the Spice Larder Services – selling with us 

Who are we?

We are spice geeks – passionate about spices, their flavour, provenance, heritage and gastronomy. We are committed to spreading the love of spice to our established community and anyone else who will listen!

What is the Spice Larder?

The Spice Larder is an online market place for artisans and businesses who wish to sell their spices, spice based food, drinks, goods or gifts within the United Kingdom.

The new platform has grown out of the award winning Ginger and Spice Festival and we already have an established community of spice and food lovers who we know are looking forward to discovering new British products, services & experiences.

Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and to be agents for the very best of spice based products and goods in the United Kingdom.

Before you proceed, it’s important to us that you have understood both our mission and our values and that you can align to and meet, these standards set.


We have set out the criteria which we expect all our vendors to meet within the application process.

If you cannot meet any of the criteria, or have any questions about us or what we stand for, please do drop us an email to chat about it via and we will be more than happy to help.

How it works

 The Spice Larder acts as an agent for you, the vendor. You upload your products to our platform and we promote your products to our community and beyond.

This means that you are responsible for both uploading your products to our platform, describing them, setting the cost and delivery charges and subsequently sending out the goods to the customer after an order is placed.

The process we will follow is:-

– When a customer makes a purchase, we instantly notify you of the order

– You prepare and send your goods/products to the customers

– We send you the payment via BACS (see dates/terms below)


Our Payment Terms

  • The Spice Larder terms are normally charged a one off registration fee of £35.00 & then an 18% service charge plus 50p transaction fee on each product price.

However, for Spring 2021 we are reducing our service charge to 15% with no registration or transaction fee.  (We will also honour this for a 6 month period) 

  • Payment = Your total sales for the payment period less our discounted service fee charged at 15% (rather than 18% and transaction fee of + 50p on each order).

Example at 18% commission: Vendor has two orders to date:-

Order IDOrder ReceivedProduct Total Shipping totalorder totaldispatched dateservice feeTransaction feeSTnet payment
Due to Vendor£38.28

Example at special discount rate of 15% commission: Vendor has two orders to date

Order IDOrder ReceivedProducts TotalShipping totalorder totaldispatched dateservice feeTransaction FeeSTnet payment
Due to Vendor£40.72

We send you a BACS payment up to four weeks after the market finishes in line with our Spice Larder terms and conditions.

As the agent of your sales, we keep all monies paid to us in a bank account separate to our operating costs account & our commissions.


During the application process there will be terms and conditions to agree to.

We will also include our refunds and returns policy plus customer service standards policy for you to read and agree to.

Please ensure you have read, understood and are in agreement with all before proceeding.

We will also need your current public and product liability insurance certificates where appropriate,  and health and hygiene documents also sent to us.