Our Mission

We are passionate about spices, their provenance, heritage and gastronomy.

Through our unique online spice based market place, our festival and podcast, we help the epicurious discover exceptional spice based products whilst learning about their origins, benefits & flavours.

We believe that quality, provenance, sustainability and traceability is of the upmost importance when enjoying and buying spices.

We support artisans, and other producers, who are striving to deliver exceptional flavour, quality and excellence within their product ranges and who are committed to an ethical, transparent and sustainable supply chain.

We are rigorous in our selection process and will only partner with those who adhere to our corporate values and policies, so our customers can feel assured they are purchasing and learning from the best.

Our Values

We are committed to working with businesses and organisations which are aligned to our values, ethos and way of doing business.

Integrity – we are honest, open, ethical, reliable and genuine

Curiosity – we have inquisitive minds and believe that ongoing learning is essential for delivering excellence

Creativity – we promote creativity and creative expression

Passion – we are passionate about our customers, partners and the suppliers and industries we serve

Excellence – we strive to deliver the best we can on a daily basis

Valor – we value unique, brave and bold innovation